Connecting PilotAware to SkyDemon

SkyDemon an independent, successful software company based in the UK,  who's committed to designing the highest-quality software and integrating the highest-quality aeronautical data, in order to provide a service that saves pilots time and money by making flying much easier.

Step 1

Download SkyDemon from the App Store or the Google on your tablet or mobile device.
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Follow the app instructions to download the appropriate charts and files.
Step 2

Plug PilotAware into a power source and wait for the device to start up. After 90 seconds, PilotAware will emit a WiFi signal. Using your mobile device, connect to PilotAware through the WiFi page.

Step 3

Launch SkyDemon, go to Settings, select the Third-Party Devices tab.

Step 4

Select the device PilotAware from the option.

Step 5

Go back to Settings, select the Navigation Options tab.

Step 6

By Default, SkyDemon has an altitude filter that is set to 5,000ft. We recommend that when you first use PilotAware with SkyDemon, you open the Show Within Vertically , to 45,000ft. Once you are happy that your PilotAware is detecting traffic, bring the filter down to a more suitable height.

Next, check the switch to activate Show Bearingless Targets, this will alert you to Mode S/C transponders by illuminating rings around your SkyDemon aircraft.

Step 7

Exit settings, and return to the main page. Click Fly and select Use PilotAware as the Go Flying option. 

Step 8

You've now configured SkyDemon and PilotAware. Fly safe and keep maintaining a thorough visual scan.