PilotAware has been committed to the development of low-cost electronic conspicuity since 2015. After the resounding success of the PilotAware Classic unit, we now announce the release of our new product PilotAware Rosetta. This is our most comprehensive and powerful product to date.

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The OGN-R Network

PilotAware Ltd has linked with the Open Glider Network, creating an upgrade  called the  OGN rebroadcast or OGN-R. This gives all PilotAware users the ability to detect  the location of aircraft equipped with FLARM™  or OGN Trackers when flying in range of an OGN-R station(s). 

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Latest Software Release

On June 21st 2019 a new release PilotAware software was released. This is a major release which includes a new Operating System and a new Kernel.

As this is such a large change from the previous software, PilotAware units cannot be upgraded automatically as previous releases were, but it requires a full manual disc reformat and software update.

If you are technically competent to undertake a full SD card reformat and download the software manually, this software is available free of charge from pilotaware.lode.co.uk.

Instructions to guide the technically competent are available here.

If you are less able, or less inclined to undertake a Full Disk Reformat and Manual Software Download we offer a new disk pre-loaded with the latest instructions and a step by step guide on how to install it in your PilotAware Classic or PilotAware Rosetta unit. Full details are available at here.

Alternatively, if you want to take the opportunity to upgrade your working PilotAware Classic Unit (even if it's out of license,  for a brand new PilotAware Rosetta then we now also provide a trade-in service available here.