RADAR Screen

Less is more is the design philosophy of the PilotAware RADAR screen. Many users find that when showing aircraft on a navigational app the targets get lost in the clutter of the high definition maps. PilotAware RADAR overcomes this by presenting a clear uncluttered view on a black background similar to products costing thousands of pounds more.

To access your PilotAware Radar screen, log onto the PilotAware WiFi and enter on your browser. Or click the Radar tab on the PilotAware home screen. Vertical and Horizontal distances are easily configurable in flight. 

Multi Device Setup

PilotAware allows the connection of up to 10 devices simultaneously. This allows you to operate navigation packages on a tablet, and a radar screen on another device(s) at the same time. Configuration is easy and intuitive.

Aircraft or TCAS?

Targets received can be viewed on the PilotAware RADAR screen in two different ways. Firstly aircraft shaped icons can be used to show the location, direction, vertical acceleration, rotation and speed of local aircraft. Secondly conventional TAS symbols can be displayed. The TAS symbols used are shown below.
TAS Symbols

Using different colours and icon shapes, the PilotAware Radar screen can identify whether an aircraft could pose a potential danger to you. The colours range from blue to red signifying the height differential as in the TAS convention. The colours are a representation of height separation, not of distance from the aircraft which is shown by the horizontal separation on the screen. Please note PilotAware is a Situational Awareness System not a Traffic Avoidance System. All actions taken are your responsibility at all times.

Aircraft is > +/- 2000ft. Aircraft is < +/- 2000ft. Aircraft is < +/- 1000ft. Aircraft is < +/- 500ft.

> 2000ft           <=2000ft             <=1000ft           =< 500ft

Mode C/S Representation

Local Mode C/S targets give no GPS co-ordinate information and only provide a height relative to 1013.2Mb and a relative signal power. Mode C/S targets appear in the PilotAware Radar Screen, through a notification banner in the top right-hand corner of the screen to show of their proximity and vertical separation.

Mode C targets will be annotated as Mode C with a given separation and a red, amber or green background depending on the proximity of the aircraft to you in relation to the configured range. Mode S targets will be annotated with the aircraft registration number, separation and a red, amber or green background as defined above.