Starting up Rosetta

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PilotAware Rosetta will give you a lot more functionality than other EC units, and is highly configurable to suit your individual requirements. However, this may be daunting when you first start to use PilotAware, so here is a start you a start-up configuration to get you going quickly.

Firstly, apply power to your PilotAware unit using the power cable provided and a recommended power supply. This will boot Rosetta and after approximately 60-90 seconds a Wi-Fi hotspot (SSID) will be set up from the PilotAware unit. This will be similar to
PilotAware- B827EB123ABC.

By taping or clicking on 'PilotAware-B827EB123ABC', the mobile device will establish a connection to the PilotAware unit. You may receive a 'No Internet Connection' message, but this is normal. PilotAware doesn't require internet to function.

Mobile devices usually automatically connect to the strongest available Wifi source. This means, that in an aircraft your tablet should 'automatically' connect to PilotAware as it will most likely be the strongest known Wi-fi source.

If you lose connectivity to your PilotAware unit, especially when you are in an area where there are lots of WiFi available, make sure that this is not because your tablet has connected to another WiFi hotspot.