Software Version 20190621

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The latest version of PilotAware Software (20190621) is the most comprehensive software update provided so far. This requires a full manual software update to implement. How to do this is described here.  A service will soon be made available on the products page of the PilotAware Website for customers who need or prefer the software pre-loaded on a new disk.

As well as the normal operational bug fixes, the following feature updates and improvements are included.

This is a significant Beta release feature enhancement to PilotAware which allows Mode-S targets to be displayed on the PilotAware RADAR screen and selected Flight bags. For information on how these works see here.

A large part of the last 6 months has been spent on improving the OGN-R and in particular the Mode-S/3D uplink system. This has an impact not only on the ground-based infrastructure but also PilotAware itself.

This uplink feature is available when the PilotAware is in range of an OGN-R, and when the OGN-R has a location for the Mode-S equipped aircraft. If no location can be obtained by the OGN-R, a bearing-less target be used.

Bearing-less Targets.
Many enhancements have been made for bearing-less target detection including

  • Improvements in the audio messages.
  • Improved tracking of ModeC altitude transitions, to detect the same aircraft
  • Anti-aliasing of Mode-A ->Mode-C signatures
  • Elimination of Mode-A via Mode-S messages

WiFi Disconnects. 
Significant improvements have been made to reduce disconnects of Android devices and occasionally iOS devices. Message handling between the EFB electronic flight bags has been improved particularly when simultaneous protocols are used.

Flight Data Recording.
Additional logging for diagnostic and offline analysis has been added into the standard track file for flight data recording.

Bluetooth Audio (Rosetta/RPi3).
A beta release of PilotAware audio over Bluetooth tested with a number of compatible devices. A definitive list is not yet available.

Factory Reset over Ethernet. 
The software will allow for future upgrades of the Operating System to be done automatically over the internet via a wired link to a router. Upgrades via memory stick available for minor upgrades.

Software Start Up.  
The time that the software takes to boot from start has been significantly reduced.

Because this is such a large update, the only available method of updating the software with be through a Manual Software Update please see here for manual update instructions.