Mode-C/S Vertical Display Range

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PilotAware allows you to set the vertical separation for the Mode-C/S Alerts relative to your own aircraft. This is done by logging onto your PilotAware WiFi hotspot and typing in and selecting Configure from the Options Menu.  Select Mode-C/S Vertical Display Range.

This will give you the following options

  • +/- 500 ft. (Default)
  • +/-1000ft
  • +/- 2000ft
  • +/- 4000ft
  • +/- 50000ft.

In the above menu, the +/-50,000-ft. the separation will give a significant amount of data and should only be used for testing purposes.  Similarly, selecting +/-500ft will minimize the number of alerts but will only warn you of Mode C/S transmitting aircraft within this separation from your aircraft. The other settings will give an increasing number of alerts from a greater separation range. It is for you to decide the separation range with which you are comfortable when flying. Start with +/- 2000ft

Choose which is best for you by experimentation or better still discuss this with more experienced pilots or your club CFI. In order that you don’t get inundated with information, it may be best to choose a closer separation and a lower sensitivity as described below until you are familiar with the information given by PilotAware.