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All registered aircraft have an ICAO 6 digit hex code. This code is transmitted from your aircraft and is used as a means of identifying the aircraft.

Hex codes contain 0-9, A- F. Even if you do not have a transponder equipped in your aircraft please set the Hex-ID for the aircraft you are flying.

If you are not sure of your aircraft Hex-ID, there are many online database dedicated to finding it. The CAA's G-Info is a great start for finding  flight information on UK registered aircraft. 


Insert your aircraft's ICAO Hex-ID into this field in the configuration page. By doing this, PilotAware will serve two purposes.

  1. If the aircraft is equipped with a 1090MHz ModeS or ADS-B transponder, Rosetta will ignore the messages from the transponder. It will also ignore any FLARM and OGN Tracker signals transmit with the same ICAO.

  2. Rosetta will transmit a your aircraft ICAO code to receiving PilotAware units, OGN-R ground stations and Situational Awareness Systems. This allows for better identification and situational awareness.

If you change aircraft you will need to change the Hex-ID. Our 'Profiles' feature alows for the easy transition between aircraft. Take a moment to look through the profiles, to get the most out of Rosetta.