Changing the SSID

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The WiFi SSID is the network name of PilotAware. By default includes your MAC address
which is a unique hardware serial number specific to your Rosetta. This usually comes in the form of PilotAware-B827EB******.

However, it is possible to change the SSID or network name for PilotAware. 

  1. Connect your mobile device to PilotAware and open the PilotAware webpages by entering into the address bar of your favourite web browser.
  2. Click on the Network tab.

    3. Highlight and remove the text containing the old or default Network name.

    4. Enter a new Network name in this example we are entering the Registration of the aircraft.

    5. Click Apply. This will cause PilotAware to run a software restart, as a result of this the PilotAware WiFi will shut off temporarally.




    6. Return to the WiFi settings page on the mobile device and wait for the PilotAware WiFi to restart.

    7.If this has been done correctly, the SSID or network name for the PilotAware will have changed to the SSID entered in the network page.