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In response to customer feedback and the development of new hardware and software, PilotAware is pleased to announce the launch of PilotAware Rosetta.
Rosetta builds on the award-winning PilotAware Classic and introduces the following new features, giving a complete package, expandability and opens the door to greater functionality and upgradability.

PilotAware Rosetta, including the first year license and VAT.

Subsequent years have a licence renewal fee. This is currently £12 + VAT per annum.

Download the Rosetta Quick Start Guide here.

Power is crucial. PilotAware requires 2.1A, without a sufficient power supply Rosetta won’t work. The best power supplies can be found here.

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Rosetta comes as a completed kit, it has been fully tested and it has the latest software loaded.
All that is required, is to plug it into a low noise 2.1A USB socket and follow the instructions provided.

What’s included with Rosetta:

Raspberry Pi 3
16GB SD Card
PilotAware Dipole Antenna
Internal Wifi
Low Noise RTL-SDR Receiver and monopole aerial
GPS/Glonass module
1Mtr Power Lead
Quick Start Guide
MicroSD card adaptor
6 suction cups.