Upgrades are no more long live the Trade-In.

After 13 months of upgrading Classic Units to Rosetta functionality, it is now time to progress to the next stage. 
From June  30th 2019 for those users who want to upgrade to PilotAware Rosetta we will no longer be
upgrading PilotAware Classic Units, but changing them for COMPLETELY BRAND NEW PilotAware Rosetta
Units discounted by £30, including VAT when traded in for your existing Classic Unit.
The new Rosetta unit will be licensed for 12 months and will be loaded with the latest software that is capable of
automatic upgrade by router or memory stick and of course Mode-S/3D.


Upgrading PilotAware to Rosetta

Building on the success of the PilotAware Classic, Rosetta is our latest product. Developed by customer demand, Rosetta has been produced as a self-contained unit with no external USB devices or cables. To achieve this, and to take advantage of new technology, a new case, a new radio transceiver (Bridge),  a new antenna, a new Raspberry Pi and a low noise 1090MHz receiver have been included in the all-in-one case design. This also prepares Rosetta for a future hardware upgrade to allow UAT Weather to be received if required*.

PilotAware Rosetta and PilotAware Classic currently share all of the functionality of PilotAware. The difference is in the hardware and aesthetics.

Recognising the attractiveness of PilotAware Rosetta for “carry on” applications without external antenna cables, many users have requested that we provide a service to upgrade existing PilotAware Classic units to a PilotAware Rosetta. We are happy to provide this service.

Upgrade Options

To cater for differing customer requirements, we are offering 2 levels of upgrade.

1. DIY Upgrade Kit             2. PilotAware Upgrade Service

Requirements for an Upgrade

Each upgrade offer requires that you return your existing working Classic Bridge. These will be refurbished, retested and re-issued free of charge to upgrade OGN stations to OGN-R for the benefit of the PilotAware and FLARM/OGN communities. This is being done to increase the coverage where FLARM/OGN equipped gliders can be seen by PilotAware users and for provision of future data uplink services currently being researched, for the benefit of the whole PilotAware community.

D.I.Y Upgrading

For IT competent customers, who want to undertake the upgrade themselves, we will send you all the hardware and provide the instructions required to upgrade your existing PilotAware Classic to PilotAware Rosetta functionality. This requires the user to be competent and confident in their ability to do a manual software upgrade, and testing the hardware. Individual support will not be provided, other than through the forum.

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Complete Upgrade Service

With the complete upgrade service, we will do all of the hard work for you. This will include, stripping down your Classic unit, upgrading it to Rosetta functionality and undertaking a full manual software upgrade. This will require the return of your working and licensed PilotAware Classic unit to us at PilotAware Ltd.
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