WiFi Hotspot Password Protection

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PilotAware contains the ability to lock your PilotAware unit throught the use of a Password. This password takes affect when an attempt is made to connect to the PilotAware's WiFi hotspot.

As a default, the password field is empty. This means that there is no password lock set on your device as default.

  1. Connect your mobile device to PilotAware and open the PilotAware webpages by entering into the address bar of your favourite web browser.
  2. Click on the Network tab.
  3. Type in a password of your choice into the Password field. The Password must contain 8 characters.Be aware that if you forget your password, it is irrecoverable so a complete manual software installation will be required. We at PilotAware will not and cannot recover your password.
  4. Click Apply. The mobile device will now loose connection to PilotAware.



5. Return to the WiFi settings page on the mobile device and wait for the PilotAware WiFi to appear.
6. Click on the PilotAware WiFi hotspot when it reappears. A prompt will now appear to enter the WiFi password.
7. Enter the Password into the PilotAware hotspot prompt.




7. Once logged into the PilotAware WiFi hotspot, a Lock icon appear in the mobile devices WiFi settings.