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The Track Page gives a list of the information collected on your latest flights. All flights are automatically saved and will show not only where you went, but also all information collected on other types of traffic that you encountered. This can then be played back on an EFB or downloaded to be played back on the Aircrew or another suitable App.


If you want to playback your track files, then look no further than Aircrew Playback. The playback feature from allows you to replay your flight overlaying your aircraft over google maps whilst also displaying aircraft flying within your vicinity.

Click here to view a demo flight with Aircrew Playback.

Uploading track files to Aircrew.

  1.  Connect a tablet, laptop or computer up to PilotAware through the PilotAware Wi-Fi link.
  2. Open the PilotAware web pages by entering in the URL browser.
  3. Visit the tracks page and pick a flight from the list. They run in cronilogical order from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click 'Download' next to one of the track files and save the track file to your computer where is can be accessed later.
  5. Connect your tablet, laptop or computer to the internet and visit
  6. Click 'Choose file', select wether you want the flight to be viewable by the public and click 'Upload File'.
  7. Using the timeline at bottom of the screen, drag the cursor along the timeline to replay your flight.