Status Lights

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The 'Home' page includes a colour coding system to display the status of the PilotAware unit. It can also help with diagnosing system faults.


Green indicates that 1090MHz packets are being received. 
Amber indicates that 5 seconds have passed without receiving packets
Red indicates that no packets have yet been received.


Green indicates the bridge is transmitting and receiving.
Red indicates that the radio is inoperable. Rosetta's radio also requires a GPS location, please check that the GPS status light is Green. Also, check how many messages have been sent (Tx) or received (Rx). This will give a clue to any miss-operation. Normally there will be considerably more (Tx) than (Rx) messages recorded.


Green indicates that the barometer is providing Rosetta with pressure data.
Red indicates that the barometer is inoperable, this is usually due to no lack of GPS data.


Green indicates that the GPS is using a minimum of 5 satellite.
Amber indicates that a GPS dongle has been detected and a fix has been achieved, but it’s not good enough. Locate the GPS such that a better fix is available by having a better view of the upper atmosphere. It will then turn Green.
Red indicates that the GPS is unavailable. Check that the GPS has a good mechanical and therefore electrical connection.