Network Settings

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The WiFi SSID (The WiFi ID you see when starting PilotAware) by default includes your MAC code
which is a unique hardware serial number specific to your Rosetta. If you want to change this SSID
(for example to use your registration GABCD) simply, insert your chosen new SSID in the box
provided. This should be between 8 and 24 ASCII characters. It will not save illegal non-ASCII
characters. When you have done this, select the ‘Apply’ box.
When the new SSID has been accepted, you will lose access to the PilotAware unit’s WiFi signal as
the SSID changes. Wait a while for the system to reboot and the new WiFi SSID will be broadcast for
you to log on to.

PilotAware WiFi Hotspot Password Protection:
PilotAware Rosetta can now be password protected. If you leave the password box empty, then there
will be no requirement to provide a password to log on. Be aware that if you forget your password, it
is irrecoverable so a complete manual software refresh will be required. We at PilotAware do not
know nor can recover your password.

WiFi Settings
Do not change the WiFi Mode or Channel unless you know why you would do this. The WiFi power
can be changed and has been shown to work at the lower reaches available (Default 50mW). Increase
this if you have problems logging on or your PilotAware Unit is hidden behind the dashboard or
elsewhere that will attenuate the signal.

Wired Settings
The IP address of a wired connection (if used) can be set to either a dynamic or a static address.
Setting this to static is an advanced feature and should not be used unless you are clear of the
consequences. Please set this to ‘Dynamic’ as default otherwise automatic software download may
not work properly.

Saving Changes
You will need to save your choices for them to be implemented. Please remember or record your
password as the only recovery path if you get locked out is a full manual software download which
will require all your configurable items to be re-inserted as they will be lost in the process.