Mode-C/S Horizontal Sensitivity

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In addition to Altitude Separation, PilotAware allows you to set your preferred Mode-S Detection Range which varies the sensitivity of the Mode S Alerts to match the environment in which you will be flying. This is done by logging onto your PilotAware WIFI hotspot and typing in and selecting Configure from the Options Menu.

Select Mode-C/S Detect. The following options are available.

Ultra-Short Range: This will give you the lowest sensitivity and is intended to minimize alerts when operating in high Mode S strength environments such as being adjacent to or when transiting through the overhead of major airports.

Short Range: This is a low alert setting for GA use in busier environments. Start with this one.

Medium Range: This is the default setting a higher alert for General Aviation use.

Long Range: This setting will bring in alerts from a greater range, e.g., when operating in low occupancy (in aviation terms) rural environments with few aircraft.