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The Group-ID, is a feature widely favoured by flying schools, aircraft groups and airfield members. It allows for the easy identification of aircraft within a group  fitted with PilotAware.

For example.
The Eurostar flying group would like to easily identify other members of the Eurostar group. The group chooses a Group-ID of EV97, which is entered into the Group-ID of each PilotAware unit. Now the Flight-ID of each member of the Eurostar group will have the registration of the aircraft prefixed and suffixed with a slash. #G-ERTI#


As a default setting, each Rosetta has the Group-ID set to PAWGRP. This will give every other PilotAware within the PAWGRP a slash before and after the registration.

If you frequently change aircraft and choose to change the Group-ID regularly, our 'Profiles' feature allows for the easy transition of Groups between aircraft.