Assembling Rosetta

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Inside the parcel, you will find.

  • PilotAware Rosetta Unit
  • 869.5 Antenna (Large one)
  • 1090 Aerial (Small one)
  • 1 Metre Micro USB Power Cable
  • 6 plastic suckers
  • MicroSD to SD card adapter
  • Quickstart guide

Step 1. With the Rosetta label facing towards you, screw the 869.5 antenna onto the left-hand SMA thread.

Step 2. Do the same for the 1090 aerial, this should go on the right-hand SMA thread.

Step 3. Open the bag containing the 1 Metre Power Lead, and undo the red tabs (keep these for later use). Plug the Micro USB end into the Micro USB socket on the left face of the Rosetta Unit.

Step 4. Plug the USB end into a good power supply. 
For recommended supplies, visit the "Choosing your Power Supply" page.

Step 5 (Optional). Since February 2019, we have slightly modified the case to allow plastic suction cups to be fitted to the Rosetta unit. This allows it to stick easily to aircraft canopies.  To install the six suction cups to Rosetta, press out the plastic sections with a tool, and insert the plastic suction cups in the gap.