Aircraft Type

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The Aircraft Type feature provides navigation application with the information required to understand what type of aircraft you are flying. It also adjusts the function of Rosetta to allow it to suite the application.

The Aircraft Types can be found below:

  • Powered
  • Microlight
  • Glider
  • Motor Glider
  • Paraglider
  • Balloon
  • Jet Aircraft
  • Drone
  • Base Station (RX)
  • Base Station (TX/RX)
  • Base Station (RX) is used when a Rosetta unit is used as a base station. This does not transmit any information. Base Station (RX) will not trigger responses from OGN-R ground stations.

Changing aircraft may change the Aircraft Type. If you regularly change aircraft, take a moment to look through the profiles feature page to get the most out of your Rosetta unit.