Connecting PilotAware to ForeFlight

ForeFlight is the most widely used application by individual pilots and professional flight crews to access weather and airport information, plan flights with optimized routing, file flight plans via EUROCONTROL, access and manage electronic charts and maps, reference flight manuals and documents, avoid terrain and obstacles with powerful hazard awareness tools, access in-flight traffic (and weather where supported), and aid enroute navigation.

Step 1

Download ForeFlight from the App Store on to your iOS device.
Follow the app instructions to download the appropriate charts and files.
Step 2

Plug PilotAware into a power source and wait for the device to start up. After 90 seconds, PilotAware will emit a WiFi signal. Using your mobile device, connect to PilotAware through the WiFi page.

Step 3

Launch ForeFlight, go to More "..." , select the Devices tab.

Step 4

Select the device ADS-B  and wait for the connection. PilotAware talks to ForeFlight using a protocol called GDL90. This communication method doesn't allow the passing of Mode C/S bearing less information. Currently ForeFlight will display the locations of PilotAware, FLARM* and ADS-B equipped devices.

*When flying in range of an OGN-R or with a FLARM mouse added.

Step 5

You've now configured ForeFlight and PilotAware. Fly safe and keep maintaining a thorough visual scan.