D.I.Y Upgrade

If you are fully competent in all things electrical and IT literate and want to undertake the upgrade yourself, then we will provide a self-help DIY upgrade solution. This will include basic downloadable instructions.
D.I.Y Kit Contents

In the DIY kit, we will send:

1 x Rosetta Case

1 x Rosetta Label

1 x Tested Rosetta Bridge

1 x 1090 Antenna

1 x PilotAware Low Power RTL SDR

1 x 1090 Pigtail

Upgrade instructions.

Unique MAC Label

Please note you will re-use the existing

Raspberry Pi 2B and power lead. (We will NOT be supplying a new Raspberry Pi 3)

Existing 4GB/8GB SD Card.

869Mhz antenna and GPS receiver

To get all Rosetta units up to a common standard, you will need to undertake an SD card reformat and a full manual software installation.

Purchasing your DIY Upgrade pack

After reading about our DIY upgrade path, you decide that it's the best method for you. You can purchase a kit of parts using the link below. Support for this path will be directed through the forum to keep the responses as quick and prompt as possible.

Once you have purchased your DIY upgrade pack, you will be requested to send your working PilotAware Classic Bridge and details of your MAC Address back to PilotAware Ltd. Once we have received and tested your Bridge to make sure it works, and receive the correct payment, your individual upgrade packs will be dispatched.

If you plan on upgrading to the Raspberry Pi at the same time, please ensure that your purchase a Raspberry Pi 3B (Not a Raspberry Pi 3B+). Our software currently doesn't support the 3B+.