Connecting PilotAware to Airmate

Airmate is the only free application offering all below features to pilots:

  • Satellite mode include a worldwide AIRAC aeronautical database with all airports, waypoints, radio beacons, regulated areas, airways, updated regularly free of charge.
  • Offer free download of cartographic data for supported countries. Airmate will display on top of cartographic data aeronautical information
  • Provide free access to IFR and VFR charts for most airports in Europe, US, and other countries.
  • Give instant access to weather data, NOTAM, airport information.
  • Record performed flights and allow to review later flight paths or share them with friends (iOS only).
  • Will allow quick and easy flight plan filing with ATC (iOS only).
  • Offer social features allowing pilots to exchange together and share useful information.
Step 1

Download Airmate from the App Store or the Google on your tablet or mobile device.
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Follow the app instructions to download the appropriate charts and files.
Step 2

Plug PilotAware into a power source and wait for the device to start up. After 90 seconds, PilotAware will emit a WiFi signal. Using your mobile device, connect to PilotAware through the WiFi page.

Step 3

Launch Airmate, go to Settings, select the Advanced tab, then in the ADS-B device submenu check the below (all parameters should be set automatically):

Step 4

Ensure Wifi network says PilotAware-B827******** (if not, go back to step 2 and switch to the PilotAware Wifi link)

Ensure ADS-B Devices says
PilotAware in green, showing it has been recognized (If it turns up no result, change PilotAware's SSID to include the word PilotAware)

ADS-B device address should be set to (except if you changed it in the PilotAware device)

ADS-B device port should be set to 2000

Leave Device PIN code to default 6000

Step 5

In GPS Source, you should have PilotAware listed as GPS position source. Although not mandatory, we recommend you select PilotAware as position source, as you will get a better fix than using embedded iPhone/iPad device.

Step 6

You've now configured Airmate and PilotAware. Tap <My Flights and click Start flying now!

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