Rosetta Introduction

Rosetta retains all the original PilotAware features and functionality but now has updated hardware and software built into a new 'all in one' package.  Rosetta includes an updated processor, new radio bridge, new low noise receiver, new antenna, larger storage and greater I/O. 

Like all PilotAware products Rosetta  transmits your aircraft's GPS coordinates which will then be received by local aircraft using any PilotAware product and the OGN-R stations. ADSB, Mode-C and Mode-S signals will also be detected by PilotAware Rosetta.  FLARM equipped aircraft will  be detected when flying within range of an OGN-R station. No other product available today can detect as many different aircraft types as PilotAware. 

Rosetta uses WiFi to link to your mobile device(s) to interface with your favourite navigation package(s). Additionally Rosetta can be wired permanently to suitable navigation packages that accept a wired RS232 interface.

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Compatible Navigation Packages

PilotAware is compatible with a large variety of Electronic flight bags. Follow the link to your favourite navigation package to get Rosetta talking to your mobile device or tablet. Rosetta will also connect to instruments that have a wired RS232 interface and accept NMEA messages

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Get Ready for UAT Weather

A small trial is being undertaken in the south of England. The aim is to up-link weather data to light aircraft equipped with a suitable receiver. The trial uses the aviation frequency 978MHz otherwise known as UAT. To support this trial, Rosetta's hardware is capable of a future upgrade to receive the weather data and display it on selected Navigation Packages.

Please note that this facility uses the GDL90 protocol which means that on certain navigational packages the detection of Mode C/S targets cannot be received at the same time as using the weather detection facility.

Radar Screen

PilotAware RADAR is an integral user interface that provides a simple, clean and clutter free TAS screen. The PilotAware Radar Screen is accessible using any modern browser-based device and several devices simultaneously.

Targets can be shown either as a TAS object or as an easily recognisable aircraft ICON. The choice is yours.

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Voice Alerts

PilotAware Rosetta provides real time voice alerts of detected traffic. The output from the unit is via a standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack which can be integrated into the communications package in your aircraft or connected directly to most noise cancelling headsets. 3.5mm cable required.

This unique PilotAware feature really makes flying a whole lot less stressful, it’s like having an ATC controller in your aircraft.

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To make sure that you are getting the most out of your PilotAware unit or if you have any questions consult our FAQ page.

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A host of documents is available covering all aspects of use and installation of PilotAware products. These documents are packed full of useful information to help you get started and make the most out of your PilotAware.  

You Tube videos, The PilotAware forum and Pilotaware Facebook all add to the wealth of information available.

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  1. The ability to plot the position of aircraft transmitting Flarm or OGN-Tracker requires the aircraft to be flying within the range on an OGN-R transceiver. For more information on the OGN-R programme click here. To see the current range of coverage click here.   
  2. The compatible navigation packages can be found here.
  3. PilotAware will connect with glass cockpits, that work on a GDL90 protocol. Each cockpit requires a unique installation, make sure you are sure of your actions when integrating PilotAware into a Glass cockpit. We suggest you consult our Forum, for help and advice.