Now with its own Radar Screen, increased security, FLARM compatibility and improved target identification.

From £159 ex Vat

Radar Screen
See more, by seeing less.

Now there’s a completely new way to interact with PilotAware. A brand new user interface, which provides a simple, clean and clutter free flight environment. The Radar Screen, will work on any current browser based devices. This keeps everything inside PilotAware.

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Compatible Applications?
Works with your favourite Navigation Software.

Connect PilotAware to multiple applications to make the most out of your subscription. This now works with programmes such as SkyDemon, AirNavigationPro, EasyVFR, RunwayHD and XCSoar.

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Keep up to date.

Now PilotAware is able to detect any software releases, and upload them directly to the unit automatically. You can also upload the software manually, so you stay in full control.

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Voice Alerts
Adding a new dimension

Be informed of the location of aircraft, through PilotAware’s voice alerts. This added feature really makes flying a whole lot less stressful, it’s like having an ATC controller in your aircraft.

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Power inside.
A lot of power in such a small box.

PilotAware is  is powered by an ARM A7 CPU and 1GB of RAM. These powerful internal processors, increase the performance of the unit allowing features such as the Radar Screen and Voice Alerts. The PilotAware unit is powered by simply using a 2 Amp USB-3 plug, simple.

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Here is all the information you will ever need.

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